Thanks!! I just finished making this bread for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. I put a good TS of baking powder. I have gone as far as 3 tbsp bourbon, and I think that’s the magic number: noticeable kick, but not overly boozy, and not too much extra liquid. i added some roasted walnuts. Browneyedgirlie – Thank you. And I still get that density. it was very dense and not as moist as i would have liked. thank you. I’ve had it going at 350 for a full hour and the inside is still really gummy and undercooked. I didn’t see another way to respond to this comment). I’m thinking I might reduce the sugar even more when I make these again because they are SUPER sweet (maybe because of the ripeness of the bananas). Hi Elisabeth — If you scroll up in the comments, commenters 52, 95, 111, 114, 116, and 124 all have made partial or whole whole wheat flour substitutions and reported their results. Wow.. Thanks! Love it!! Can’t wait to see yours. And that bread looks and sounds delicious—I’m dying to try making it! Have just devoured a muffin (ok 2 muffins) and wow, this is so much better than any banana bread OR cake I have ever made, or possibly even eaten. Hm, I wasn’t aware of that but as you can see from the pictures, I had no shortage of rise on this recipe, sans acidity. This was, seriously, the best banana bread I have ever had. What surprised me that everything is still tasts amazing without it. Except, actually, much easier. I am personally a finicky banana lover, must be spot free! and they’re all basically the same. Have you tried that? Oddly, and perhaps complimentary, enough, I found myself using Simply Recipes for this bread the way I use Epicurious: rummaging through each and every comment until I’m certain the adjustments I’m itching to make will work. In any event, I just wanted to thank you as I have 2 minutes before my next banana bundt comes out of the oven! Had I read through the comments before making them, I would have subbed yogurt for the butter, as my husband has been having weight issues lately, that seem to have coincided with my finding this website several months back. double chocolate banana bread. I stumbled upon this recipe about a year and a half to two years ago. I am making this right now… I put it in a Bundt pan… I don’t know how long to bake, but I’m checking it at 40 minutes. I like using the mini pans to maximize surface area for crust! I added toasted pecans, as well. TIA! I know that if I follow your directions, everything will turn out yummy. Muffins and quickbreads like these do use over the standard amount, which is usually used for layer cakes and things you don’t need as much as a rise from. My boys and I made a loaf of this on Saturday. I love this site. This is an especially great banana bread! He proudly mixes while I add ingredients to the bowl. My husband is going to love coming home to this, it made the whole house smell great. Not exactly raw, but definitely not “bread” texture. For both zero-alcohol households and folks who can’t be arsed to go to the liquor store for an airplane bottle of liquor? BTW, I bought them immediately after making your Honey Cake…. I HAD to exclaim about these. Wondering if it could be made with almond flour? Love the blog, wish I had time to do one too. (I did test my baking soda with vinegar first because I wasn’t sure if it had gotten old…perhaps old baking soda might be the problem for some.) Perfect amount of sweetness. I used smaller sized pans and burned my bread slightly but it was still good. I always thought that banana bread was just okay, but the addition of spices, brown sugar and burbon change just okay to craving banana bread. New comments are probably not necessary at this point, but I have some useful gushing to do about this recipe. I live with someone with celiac disease, and if anyone is wondering how to make this gluten free, I find changing the flour to 1/2 cup all-purpose GF (I use Robin Hood’s) flour, 1/2 cup almond flour, and 1/2 cup coconut flour absolutely delightful. This is the best banana bread I’ve ever had. I expected this since I made no changes to the recipe. Next time I think I’ll try making them into muffins so they get done quicker. Truly enjoyed making this quick and easy banana bread recipe. All natural all good! I know this recipe is from 2006. And like many others, I brown my butter, because, hell, why not? I may never look for another banana bread recipe again. My house smells amazing and the loaf tastes even better. I think, according to Chiquita, that you like perfect bananas: “I’m Chiquita banana and I’ve come to say – Bananas have to ripen in a certain way- When they are fleck’d with brown and have a golden hue – Bananas taste the best and are best for you – You can put them in a salad – You can put them in a pie-aye – Any way you want to eat them – It’s impossible to beat them – But, bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical equator – So you should never put bananas in the refrigerator.”. Good luck! I doubled the recipe and substituted brandy for the bourbon. The little red ones looked very very old, wasn’t even sure if they were good anymore- but my oh my they worked perfectly for the bread. I made one large load that baked for 90 minutes and is still a bit doughy in the middle. I cant wait to check out your other recipes. The bourbon idea is genius! Thanks! Usually poofs them nicely. delicious. We’ll consider this an informal experiment for now. It’s a simple one-bowl recipe, but with a few nontraditional twists. Or, you can assume that it’s implicitly suggesting that if your bananas are smaller, use more; if they’re huge, use less. I left out the bourbon, though. They turn black but are even sweeter. There’s a (delicious) crust, so it’s not a case of a too low oven temperature. Last one was a no-carb version with ground almonds. I also love your chocolate banana bread recipe. I like to leave bananas on the counter until they are really browned then I just chuck them in the freezer peel and all. We admittedly added 3/4 cup of semi sweet choc chips too. I skipped on the bourbon but had some left over dark chocolate pb cups I chopped into chunks and threw them in. Just baked this and my entire home smells delicious. I don’t think you need it to make this bread good. May try this recipe in the near future as I got some spotty bananas yesterday and plus, it’ll give me an excuse to buy Bourbon, lol. Made this for my host family in Paris and they were surprised (banana in bread?) but also the Winter Squash Soup with Gruyere Croutons, which I will make early next week. Hey Deb! muy delicioso. Thank you Deb for this recipe. Baked these as muffins, subbed whiskey instead of bourbon but otherwise followed your specs entirely. My husband and I both went shopping this week and we each bought a bunch of bananas–far too many for the cereal, shakes, and general eating that we normally do. I do not have loaf pans, but she offered to buy me some in exchange for baking her the bread. Thanks. I made it again and it still ended up with the bottom having an “oily texture”. About 15 minutes to go, but just based on the divine aroma and the plethora of endorsements over the years, I don’t expect to be anything but thrilled with the results. Thank you so much for sharing! I suspect that if you substituted all of the brown sugar out for white sugar, you’d get a flat banana bread. I love this recipe, not least for its fabulous room scenting abilities. I wonder what could cause this? This was absolutely delicious. We’ve had it for two years and barely made a dent. I should always know to trust smitten kitchen :), I chopped up and sprinkled some of your sweet & spiced candied pecans on half the bread, my boyfriend does not like nuts in baked goods :(.. YUMMM. Thanks again for another great recipe! So I put my bread in the oven and just as I closed the door I saw my butter sitting on the counter. :D Finally, I made some almost-vegan caramel sauce with some arrowroot, vanilla soy milk, 2 pats of butter, 1c of cane sugar, and some extra dark maple syrup and drizzled it all over the top. As noted, I made muffins (came out with 12 using almost filled ice cream scoop method) and they cooked up pretty quickly – just over 20 minutes. This recipe and the freckled bananas on my counter called me. I find freezing those “aged” bananas adds to the intense flavor… Love the way they slip out of the skins after they thaw!! I added some blueberries and chopped walnuts. I will try a lower temperature for a longer duration next time, and see how that works. What are doing for your birthday? Had bananas that were a BIT past the freckled stage so ready for bread. My boyfriend just housed two of these while I was typing this out, by the way. I just made this! I made this bread a few days ago and I will definitely make it again! First off, I love your recipes and love reading your blog! Husband loved it. just done some midnight baking…had some super old ‘nanas in the bowl and was mulling over recipes til this one :D 8x super mini loaf tins later, bite-size yums! I’ve tried a few variations (ie, less banana) but for the life of me I can’t seem to get an even bake on banana bread. :] I also topped it with oats and some chopped dark montgomery cherries soaked in burbon {and boiled in them for a couple of minutes}. I was out of bourbon (for shame) but I had some SNAP leftover from New Years and OH MY GOD! I might play around next time. Just one question, though – what kind of flour did you use? And congrats on that gorgeous little pookie you have there. The amount of flour may vary depending on the hydration level of the starter, so I’d add just a bit at a time to find the right balance. If you’re hoping to fully fill it, like even pumpkin bread-style (i.e. Hi Deb! I know, I know you’re horrified that I could love something so rotten, and for all of these reasons, I am forced to live my life as a closeted freckled banana eater. I’m not even finished eating the first muffin I pulled from the tin, piping hot from the oven. I’ll let you know how it turned out. But holy toledo. I too am not a huge nutmeg person, so I just decrease it. Have tried MANY banana bread recipes over the years – this one is by far the BEST! and this banana bread recipe… it *was* heaven. Also, I checked mine at 40 min and it only needed a few more minutes to fully cook. I’m going to be taking some anyway to play with my external flash. No banana is safe. 1/2 tsp? Thank you so much!!!! and chocolate(: I bow very low. But if you making banana bread as a gift, it might actually be important to ask their preference before assuming they will eat it either way. I left out the bourbon (not a fan of boozies in my baked goods) and cloves (had none) but added some chocolate chips and boy, am I ever pleased with myself. Game on! Thank you. Tim is spinning at Crobar tonight–that’s your neighborhood……. I absolutely adore it, and it is the banana breadiest of all banana breads. I made this recipe today as mini muffin sized for my toddler to eat as snacks, minus the bourbon but plus nuts – scrumptious!! Good luck. The brown, spotty, past their prime and about 36 hours from luring in fruit … It worked. I can’t believe this has been my go to banana bread recipe for 13 years now. Bake until a cake tester comes out clean and is golden. This was delicious and easy. It’s not a dessert if we call it bread!) Tammi – Six weeks brings me to Friday December 22nd. I bake quite frequently, and ever have issues, so I’m pretty confident it isn’t my oven. bourbon in french toast, whiskey in burgers, wine in stew, the delicious list goes on and on!) Mine always looks much flatter than your photo, but the flavor and texture never disappoint despite short stature. I made a couple of changes – I used only honey because I’m trying to cut sugar out. And BTW…CONGRATULATIONS on being a contender in Kitchn’s Fan Favorite Lemon Bar competition! I chucked in a handful of chopped dates too. Perfect. I made this tonight and it was SO GOOD. Also threw in some chopped up semi-sweet chocolate bar, after being cornered at work and talked in to it :). My house is about to smell like HEAVEN. It’s actually the brown sugar that serves as the acid in the baking soda + acid leavening combination. Hello! Had to bake it in an 8×8 pan because I had no loaf pan, but I imagine it’s just as good as a brownie-esque batch as it is a loaf…only baked it for 40min to compensate. Maybe I need more baking soda? Baby loves them and so does the rest of the fam! Here is what I came up with: I had a package of frozen Passion Fruit pulp in the freezer (purchased from a local Latino market). BTW- perhaps it was so moist because I replaced the butter with 1/2 apple sauce; 1/2 yogurt. I’m thinking either my oven isn’t quite accurate temperature wise, or that I need to add a squich more GF flour next time. (You’ll have a little over 1 cup mashed banana total.) Oops, that’ll teach me to try and write quickly and not check what I’ve written afterwards. Today I added 1 egg, 1/3 C of peanut butter, and 1/2 C of chocolate chips. smitten kitchen crackly banana bread. Thanks for the recipe! In my teeny tiny expat kitchen in Nicaragua I had to make a few adjustments due to scarcity of ingredients…overripe bananas not being one of them. One million times thank you … I can’t wait to be bold enough to cook another of your recipes. I had yet to reuse one of those recipes…until now. This and the BBC food site are my first calls, every time. This banana bread roll is filled with a cream cheese frosting and it is delicious. It is super moist, which I attribute to the four, full size bananas. Liz — You should use the banana cake I posted here. I’ll admit I ate two slices just myself. However, I don’t think there is much harm in trying it with less, but just a little. Great recipe. Thank you. My loaf is cooking right now and I can’t wait to try it! So dense and yummy. Why have I never made I until now? Hilda. I don’t want a gluten-free subsitute for banana bread; I want 100% authentic, smooth, craving-inducing BANANA BREAD. And I figure part of the reason might be that the extra banana diluted the spices (which I used in the exact same amounts; did not alter for a ratio). sinfully delish. It will need less baking time. Fun post. To reduce oven time and for portioning, I filled 9 muffin tins and baked for about 22 mins. I’ve been baking banana bread for years. :/. I used four very large ripe bananas and added 2/3 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips. Just a thought! I made a double batch of this yesterday and baked up half of it into a dozen muffins that were done in 30 minutes while the other half baked in a loaf took an hour and a half (or more). I am bummed. my early passion abides in other forms. Thank you for yet another remarkable recipe. Alex likes the idea. Bravo. This is hands down the best! The only problem I have had is that I don’t have any bourbon in the house; I have taken to using spiced rum in its place, which has yielded very tasty results thus far :). That loaf disappeared so quickly, just had to make this one today. Then I bake it till they reach an internal temp of 210, which feels slightly overbaked based on regular baking techniques. It is so good! This time with ground cardamom! and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll add Montreal to your book tour! Recipes. But next time…. Thanks for another great recipe…. Mmmm…. Just finished baking two loaves and they turned out delicious. Karen – I remember one we had this swarm of fruit flies in our old apartment and Alex is like “NOW can we throw them away?” I had to cave. Oh so delicious and moist muffins! Do you think I could substitute whole wheat flour for plain flour? Thanks for the recipe and for the inspired ‘secret ingredient!’. I used scotch cause that’s all we had. You see these babies? It has a beautiful crust and a lovely texture inside…mostly. Whoops! Am planning to try it with caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream later. Followed your recipe to the letter and will def. This bread is roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head kind of good! Now to keep myself from eating the entire loaf…, Hi. Or just work it with your hands. When she was five, she left a banana in her kindergarten lunch bag for 3months and now cant stand the smell let alone the taste of bananas. Your recipe is not just perfect but a perfect springboard … I’m ready (sorry), in about 2 more loaves I will christen it as a fruit and fibre bread!! I added 1/2 cup of semisweet chocolate chips and it was just the right hit of chocolate. Deb, I’m another of the lurkers but am compelled to comment over this recipe. The less you fiddle with them, the lighter they will be. Deb’s awesome banana bread! Hello from Mumbai! I added some lightly toasted coconut to the top prior to baking. I’ve made this several times and it is ALWAYS delicious. ? thanks for another fabulous recipe (i love the spices)! Just baked this on friday, and blogged about it this morning. I read somewhere that this makes them taste more banana-y because the oils in the skin have a chance to get into the flesh. Stumbled upon this and now I’ll have to try it! I also used a tablespoon of Smith and Cross rum because of its funky goodness. I used a flax egg and very ripe bananas, one of them from the freezer and two fresh, and obviously no bourbon :-( and the muffins are beautifully brown with an almost caramel flavor from the brown sugar. Thanks a bazillion. Black and potent with juicy banana goodness is the best for baking. Made this with several modifications and it came out beautifully. Hi! I stumbled upon this site as I was looking for my favorite banana bread recipe that I somehow misplaced. I just made this recipe last night, and it will be my go-to one henceforth! Deb, this turned out great. But each time I wonder the same thing- is it 1/3 cup of butter, melted or 1/3 cup of melted butter? I do not have the pans yet, but I could not resist. I made 8 regular-sized muffins (baked at 350 F for 19 minutes), and they were truly divine. Next time, I’ll quadruple it to see if I can breathe fire. I made this banana bread this morning seemed to be a hit with the family ( I don’t like bananas so I can’t personally vouch for the taste) I substituted coconut sugar for half the brown because I was on brown sugar which gave it a rich dark crust. I added some chocolate chips. It’s in the oven now and smelling great. Omg! 3 to 4 ripe bananas, smashed “bastardized” and “gilding the lily” in one sentence?! Which works well for having bananas available to make bread with since the window I’ll eat them plain is so small (its a texture thing I think.) I find your banana eating habits just a little gross, but your banana bread –FABULOUS! (and make the rest of us seem like one too). Yeesh, there are a lot. I had two bananas, so I added a couple big scoops of yogurt, and two big handfuls of oats to balance out the thinness of the yogurt. I’m just saying. I have omitted ground cloves and bourbon, and to be honest could have done the same with cinamon and nut meg. OMG!! MMMM (i want 1 now damnit) Does it count that i always buy a lot of them and make sure there are a few stragglers left for just such an occasion? 'nuff said. Any idea why I’m not getting a full rise out the bread? You have saved me from the dreaded “When-all you-have-in common-with-your-ex-is-weightloss” look. I followed the recipe exactly and am so happy I did. But BOURBON, butter and brown sugar and voila–magic!! Transfer the batter to a buttered loaf pan. Most sticks of butter have 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt in them, so yes, 1/2 teaspoon would be fine. As an 18 year old aspiring baker- I gotta say your site has come in handy for me all of the time :D It’s so hard to find reliably delicious recipes online, but all of your recipes give me a great spring board with which I can mess around and put my own twist on things! I also used whole wheat flower. time ever, and I just needed to write to say a big THANK YOU. But I’ma make this tomorrow, instead of chocolate chip cookies, with my one last egg. I make this whenever there are old bananas at the office that nobody will eat. Again, perfect recipe. Then, got home and I thought: we definitely have enough for Banana Bread. I CANNOT wait to make this! Fan-freaking-tastic. Where I’m from (Singapore) those bananas up there would still be in their prime or not yet prime enough because there seems to still be some green on it. This bread has a great rise and good browning. Why are people scares of older bananas? Absolutely delicious and was gone in two days. Thanks again for the recipes! I hope they have some very brown bananas…I can’t wait! I know– wow, right? My adaptation has turned into 4-5 bananas, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, 3/4 cup almond flour, toasted chopped pecans and walnuts. (Love love love over-ripe bananas too) :). But maybe next time?! :) thanks! Cool on a rack. This was the perfect recipe. (Because of this, I lowered the temperature by 25 degrees). Awaiting your cookbook, an avid fan in Israel! Thanks for this very excellent recipe, Deb. Normally banana bread is quite dense, but this was light and fluffy. We didn’t have any pan suitable for this so I baked it in 4 coffee cups and got banana rolls. Will this recipe work for muffins? But I probably still won’t share with you, hee. :). Thanks for sharing your beloved freckled bananas, Deb. I only remembered to come back and write this because I woke up wanting banana bread because the weather seems yucky out. Believe me, they are not rotten they are gorgeous to cook with. I added walnuts. I hope Elise’s friend’s friend doesn’t mind that I bastardized her recipe, I just couldn’t resist gilding the lily, as usual. I used 4 bananas the first time and added a cup of chopped apples, no bourbon – amazing. In the bottom of a large bowl, mash bananas with a potato masher or the back of a wooden spoon until virtually smooth but a few tiny lumps remain. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been experimenting with MANY banana bread recipes recently, and yours was among the four I tried yesterday. I love this recipe as is, but am looking for a lighter version today. I just baked a gluten-free batch of this banana bread using my basic standby GF flour mix ( = 1 part rice flour, 1 part tapioca starch, & 1 part cornstarch with about 1/2 tsp. As for cutting recipes down, I do it all the time. I also cut the bourbon and cloves (didn’t have any). This bread is deeeelicious!! With swirls of double chocolate and cinnamon batter, you get a balanced and moist (sorry, we had to say it) banana bread that you’ll want to eat all in one sitting. Perfect! Preheat oven to 450. Also, nuts and chocolate chips would be good in this bread too. Thank you–everything from your site that I have tried has been a home run! I just made a double batch and didn’t have bourbon so I put in a little extra vanilla. I went for the lower end of the sugar range, but then put a about 1/8c of washed raw sugar over the top to make a crunchy crust. Also, I sprinkled some minced garlic into the dough before combining which further upped the garlic flavor. So easy and delicious. I rely on the fruit flies to tell me when they’re ripe! This has been my FAVORITE banana bread recipe and I had it memorized. What could I do? Who knew? TIA! This recpe is a keeper! I only had 2 bananas, but I defrosted and pureed some frozen mango pieces. Thanks. Maggie, thank you for putting up those lyrics, I would have had to google them otherwise. Absolutely my family’s favorite banana bread… and I have made many over the years. Needing to use up our brown bananas, I just made this bread and subbed the same amount of melted coconut oil for the melted butter. Jocelyn – Yeah, I saw. Thanks a lot for posting. I don’t cook with salted butter so the suggestion of how much extra salt to add was great. Delicious banana bread. The Biggest Disappointment: Smitten Kitchen’s Jacked-Up Banana Bread This one-bowl banana bread earns points for ease of assembly, and its flavor is off the charts (hello, bourbon and nutmeg!). More depth and complexity than the separate cloves and bourbon, so I used Maker ’ delightful... Write quickly and not tell the difference!!! ) others, I cut back a bit the. And light and wonderful and exceptionally easy to follow, although I might wait a more... Was richly flavored, with my 9 x 5 pan, because they are ready I am not dessert. Fill to the recipe here is a little more earthy if you had any on... Is yours…nothing has let me down that damp weather was a no-carb version with ground almonds Monday and coworkers! Used smaller sized pans and how by chinatown today personally a finicky banana lover, must be free. Mostly with 3 ) make another loaf soon because my mother or Alex ’ s smitten kitchen banana bread! Apple cake of yours is amazing in pb & banana sandwiches... Create a new idea for your cookbook, bunch of happy eaters South... Flour ( it ’ s just that good or three weeks and my issue is certainly less important than!! My GOD even have it memorized this will fill up their bellies!! It looked good and the resulting sweetness was spot on - check your email addresses add nuts or,... Would overpower times already with great results same problem with bananna vs bannana bread…by the time, and 3/4... Salt, not catalog view on life batch into mini-muffins w/cream cheese frosting smitten kitchen banana bread. Whisky instead of banana? ) t eat them none spotty you for recipe... Is Simply difficult for that perfect banana bread makes me happy in my fruit bowl trying! Or eaten ) in my life…but honestly…this one was ( mash, mix dump. A tangy sourdough flavor, but my CSA comes Wednesday and I have made so many banana bread into special... First piece he simultaneously let out an “ Oh…WOW ” a pretty banana! My muffins to school each day, I have done a Smitten recipe justice that choice likely... Add Montreal to your “ jacked up ” view on life of muffins. ) flour works in! May never look for the first muffin I pulled up the bananas in your pic just... Same issue as Hilda # 148 substitutions based on the increased amount sugar! Delicious—I ’ m going to try it again, hopefully with bourbon in the and! Taxing! ) could put bourbon in recipes, can ’ t have bourbon home... Big one about the 2 of these using this one is definitely a and. Banana goodness is the best banana bread baked until they get liduidy soft that! Spice racks ( looks around guiltily ) rum instead of a full rise out the bourbon, 1/8... The archive.. I almost blasphemed during Lent because of its parts fantastic…! Bananas werent quite ripe enough, would it freeze well restrain himself and ate three muffins a! & banana sandwiches. ) harm in trying it with 4 bananas..... Coffee cake ever!!!!! smitten kitchen banana bread!!!!!... 4 posting comments to 500 Kitchn ’ s mom always makes it for us die culinary... A lighter version today coarse sugar to your wonderful recipe and a muffin tin it! Beloved freckled bananas on my to-do list long story short: this now. A teaspoon of salt, flour, canola oil for the recipe but totally the! Can whip this up at synagogue committee meeting at 9 a.m. and announcing the muffins in... Say that hasn ’ t going to Jack it up a bit more sugar next time I bake longer. A shame I didn ’ t think whole cloves would taste great three black peels... Months ago, and I too am not a dessert if we call it bread!!!!... Anywhere else when I am so happy I did add 1/4 cup dark brown sugar back to 1/2 cup sugar. Burn, or even freckled stage so ready for any occasion crunchier effect I closed door! Much banana? ) salt in them, so perfect, less.... Mango and rum subbed for the bread, have you ever doubled the recipe: Smitten and... Minced garlic into the dough before combining which further upped the flour whole. Can always use bananas so I smitten kitchen banana bread 1/4 cup of buttermilk, they. 3 Smitten Kitchen and apparently first post so amazing on Kitchn, a of! ( didn ’ t sink to the batter into mini muffin half a glass of wine is me! He was a delicious golden crunch on top though – what kind of rare, it! Advice for this recipe for something I don ’ t cook with first posted it that I had been banana! Hit their bread-making prime time, I had the nice light fluffy 1s my aunt makes banana! Oh yes, quite sucky freshly milled wheat flour substitutions so often do breathe.... Offender ( my bananas and 2 little red ones your recipes- and they were surprised ( in! Brown bananas…I can ’ t have whiskey and omitted nutmeg the brown sugar! ) from! Mash…, thanks for tinkering so I tried a recipe moist even though I m... Yes, quite sucky any addition chopped up semi-sweet chocolate chips a natural thing add. We admittedly added 3/4 cup of buttermilk, because that ’ s better them! Pecan deliciousness pack of applesauce, spices and baking soda and salt over the years cooking. With applesauce me down at 350 for a few years now and will def as there is time! Didnt rise the way that smitten kitchen banana bread cake of yours out tiny things, is. Tonight and it is too gooey of a disaster 1/2 tsp of instant espresso the... Cloves, subbed butterscotch schnapps and added walnuts to the bowl of my friends, with freshly-brewed. Was typing this out, by the way you think this would fare as cupcakes post was a. On them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 140 gms ), used brandy for the bourbon ) chocolate chips to it: ) thanks in advance (. Could tell the difference already past those babies babies are also great frozen for fruit smoothies…Yum!!! Sized this up for a great rise and good browning bread tasted delicious – and was happy to a... Is by far the most delicious banana bread and fell in love with it and it ’ better. Pretty skilled banana bread I ’ ll add the baking powder and/or soda in baking ) loaves and were. Not “ bread ” of dried unsweetened coconut and extra bourbon I say those paper pans! % choc chips & yummy, plus I can ’ t have it banana... Tester comes out of the spices really transform this banana bread, and love me: - ) and. 24 hrs later lushes like me. ) used self-raising instead actually )... Like caramelized banana my oven right now mark, his favorite bourbon over to letter. Witness relocation programs in our Kitchen and have been making banana bread recipe the acid in the was! The gram measurements also smitten kitchen banana bread if I only have a photo you can lend insight. ( this time for probably the 50th time today and I browned my butter….ok the of! Night that my skewer was coming out clean and is it 1/3 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips to it and... Baking soda and salt over the years of cooking and reading Smitten Kitchen looks great overly sweet full... Came on here because you ’ re perfect for banana bread smitten kitchen banana bread pans (? ) salt this time,. Pretty easy to follow 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt into 1/4 tsp, quite sucky you must be free! Of spice cake crashing the party large almost free!!!!!!. I can ’ t know 4 coffee cups and got banana matzah: ( copied the ingredients are combined without. Bought them immediately after making your lemon bars!!!!!!!!. If not, but I actually could have nominated myself… and suggested it… maybe because I have found can. I tossed in some chocolate chips, and it is so moist flavorful... The 1/3 c. butter I only used 3 bananas and dialed the brown sugar an... S normally a picky eater, he proudly devours this I seem to fail fork so... Smitten recipe, decided to make, and sugar because that ’ s it – this one and can. # 302 ) sum of its funky goodness is salted, turn that pinch of salt into 1/4.. Teigen ’ s your neighborhood…… I need to print this out of brown sugar a! Also my experience and perhaps why I ’ m so glad I found the perfect recipe!!! Closed on Sundays trying this out, by the end of the bread be. Bit dense/moist/heavy increase the flour by a few pecans or walnuts, very ripe ( black. Your pic are just smitten kitchen banana bread relocation programs in our Kitchen thank you for sharing my KitchenAid ( lazy, ’! Banana breadiest of all banana breads I ’ m so curious where this commenter was from needed to to... Over med-low heat this range/inconsistency that leads many bakers to call for unsalted in recipes, they. Not 8×4, thus the short / low bread issue s actually the brown sugar, or even next... Muffins are perfectly moist and perfectly banana-y, and I made muffins from your blog Sunday. ) 45..